Welcome to Derawan!

All of Indonesia’s remote locations mean that dive sites are rarely crowded, marine life is abundant with an almost water tight guarantee of seeing something new each day. East Kalimantan offers that rare combination of big and small underwater life.


The Derawan Islands are in the province of East Kalimantan in Indonesia. They include Derawan, Sangalaki, Kakaban, Maratua, Panjang and Samama Island and submerged reefs and islets. They are located in the Sulawesi (Celebes) Sea, on the coastal shelf of East Kalimantan.

Located in a biodiversity hotspot, the Derawan Islands feature 872 species of reef fishes, 507 species of coral, and invertebrates including protected species such as giant clam, two different sea turtles and coconut crab. Some of the islands harbour the largest green turtle nesting sites in Indonesia. Travel between the months of September – November for increased likelihood of seeing larger species.

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